Thursday, February 28, 2013

2013 Goals: Week 8 Postmortem

Taking a break from writing a shit-ton of words for the novel.

Novel: [IN FLUX] / 28,000 words.

A lot of writing has been gotten done. (Been... gotten... Wow, that's awkward phrasing.) I'm not caught up, though. I'm actually not sure that I've progressed too far beyond the "50% of where I'm supposed to be" mark. Gah. February's over, and I've taken two months to tackle a month's worth of work.

I need to say "no" to more projects. Really. Gotta do it. It's not just been the SCP Foundation that's been taking up my extra time... But, uh. It's been a large part of it.

Working Out: 4/4 times. (+4 from earlier weeks, ideal total 8)

I'm going to stop treading water here eventually. Really. Eventually.

Blogging: 3/3 posts. (+1 from earlier weeks, ideal total 4)

Should have blogged more. Still owe an extra post for this week. Was supposed to be the Part 2 of the Resident Evil post, but... Didn't quite get there.

Maybe I'll do that today. But first... More work on the novel. 

The SCP Foundation: 9/2 articles.

Yup. I went and wrote another one, this time for the sister site, the Wanderers' Library. I wrote it in a creative fury in between novel chapters to get myself unstuck. I don't feel bad about that, because that didn't get in the way of my novel. (What did get in the way was drama. Delicious drama. Sigh)

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oedalis said...

Fuck that drama. Fuck it right in the ass.