Monday, February 11, 2013

Another Reply To The Germarican

Replying to: this post!

QUICK SUMMARY: Jess and I are blogging back and forth at each other, as an experiment in progress. She thought she'd be the first to delay a blog post for forever. Instead, it was me. It's been a couple days shy of a full month since she replied.

And now... THE REPLY.

Hey Jess...
The problem with taking inspiration from a vblog and trying to translate it in to a a blog blog is that a lot of things like intros and so forth don't work as well if they're just written.  This make me wonder how much of an 'introduction' each of our posts actually need. I guess what it comes down to is am I writing this blog just for you - Jake aka one of my bff's - or for some poor soul that might stumble across this blogging experiment and wonder what it's all about. I guess we can create a post where we explain in detail what this is all about and then link to it every time, but honestly, I'm writing this for us so there's that.
 Yeah, that's an issue, isn't it? I guess we can... quote extensively? Like I just did? I did a Quick Summary at the top of this post but... I dunno if that will work every time. I'm not even sure it does work at all.

I gotta say, it feels weird starting another blog considering that I now have a facebook, twitter, tumblr, livejournal, myspace, pinterest AND Blogspot that I'm planning on updating. Well, I don't update myspace anymore but I will never delete it because Darren Hayes commented on one of my pictures.
 First off, that is a perfectly excellent reason to never delete that myspace. Second off... Oh man. Yeah, me too. Besides this Blogspost, I have a Facebook and a Twitter, an old LiveJournal, and I'm considering creating a new LiveJournal after discovering that one of my internet author heroes has a livejournal. Though she actually isn't currently updating it. So... there's that. I'm also considering starting a tumblr. Gah. Though I haven't totally grokked how tumblr works yet.

 It went so well that she lives down the street from me now. Mwahahaha!

This is still terribly hilarious.

I also approve of the Tim Drake picspam. Though I just don't care for that outfit on him. As silly as the new outfit looks, I prefer it quite a lot. (Like I've said before, it also looks kind of cool, not just silly. But still silly.)


They really want you to think these guys are SUPER HARDCORE, don't they?

 Somehow I don't think the art matches the internal monologue.

Online comments for this image describe Robin's outfit as "something a Vegas showgirl would wear."

Oh comics. You're so... so... Yeah.

And now... the elephant in the room. Namely, that I'm posting incredibly late. There was a reason - the website contest - but there are always reasons, aren't there? (Well, I guess 'I was just lazy' could be a reason.)

Should we have a specific schedule - like, once a week, posting on alternating weeks? Should we do punishments? (I know oedalis is excited about that idea.) If we do punishments, what kinds? We can't really duplicate Brotherhood 2.0 style punishments, in part because I think we'd find different things amusing and in part because we didn't grow up together, so we can't be quite as (hilariously) vindictive. And we can't really go to the 'videotape yourself doing embarrassing things well because, well, we're not doing a vlog.

I guess that goes back to the whole thing about taking inspiration from a vlog but not being a vlog. Anyways. What are your thoughts?

Vlog Brothers Meter: August 30, 2007
That's 872 videos to go as of today. I've watched ... almost (but not quite) 200, out of over a thousand total. Actually, before this blog post I'd lost my place, but I found it again! So that's a plus.

(Deadjournal challenge next time. I've already put this blog off enough. :P)


oedalis said...

I didn't know Jessica had a Pinterest. As for comics, at least the women aren't in "hot chick" poses. Bleagh.

Make the punishments boring things like chores! MOAR CHORES!!! :P

OR free short stories! ...except maybe that's not a good punishment for Jessica. :-,

Or make the punishment useful, like you have to do something you've been putting off, right away! You have lots of those and probably Jessica does, too.

oedalis said...

BTW, it's TIM Drake, not TIME Drake. ;)

Jake Jesson said...

oedalis: I did notice that the women weren't in generic 'hot chick' poses and that IS pretty cool. I just forgot to say anything about it.
And... I dunno. Jessica can write some pretty good stuff sometimes!
... This is giving me ideas. <_<

oedalis x2: I have no idea what you're talking about >_>

oedalis said...

Speaking of what you have "no idea"'d planning for that tax return go? ;)