Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Yes! The contest is over.

We went down to the wire, but we got absolutely everything in that we wanted to get in. Fourteen stories, or twelve if you only count full stories (two of 'em were one-scene interludes).

My team really came through. I didn't think we'd get everything in, or that it would all be good, but... we did, and it is. It was a ton of effort, between planning things & managing everyone, but it was all worth it.

I am so goddamn happy.

Reminder: You can find the stories here: if you scroll down to "Eschatology". (Warning: Not all of it will make sense if you're not a Foundation member and haven't read all the referenced stuff... but it's designed to hopefully be entertaining even if you have no clue what's going.)

Now it's time to work on some other projects... most importantly, back to my novel, and second most importantly, catching up with blog posts. Not super behind, but I do have a one-post deficit, and that post is one Jess has been waiting for for quite a while.

(Last week's postmortem tonight or tomorrow.)

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