Thursday, February 21, 2013

To My New Visitor[s]

So a couple people from the SCP Foundation now know about this blog! So that's ... different.

I wonder what they (you) think (thought) about my posts about the contest, including the one where I went through all the entries in my canon and subjected them to the Bechdel test (and other relatively mild forms of social analysis). The idea makes me chuckle. I certainly didn't tell anyone I was doing that, though I didn't, like, withhold it, on purpose.

I notice I compartmentalize a lot. I don't actually intentionally hide parts of my thought process. It just... happens. I've been noticing it recently. Trying to actually be open about everything - not necessarily on this blog, but in real life. As for the internet... maybe I can stand to be pretty open, though where the line is there, I do not know.

Also, yes, I know I'm kind of a terrible blog post writer. But hey, that's the point of writing all this crap this year - to get better at that! So... Deal with it. ;)

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