Saturday, February 16, 2013

2013 Goals: Week 6 Postmortem

An overdue post.

Novel: 11,025 / 21,000 words.

I am barely over halfway to where I need to be to be on schedule. Oh yes, I am gonna need to work fast. Luckily I'm back into the novel and am currently on a little bit of a streak... which I hopefully did not just jinx.

Working Out: 4/4 times. (+4 from earlier weeks, ideal total 8)

Another "treading water" week. Again, as long as I'm not getting further behind...

Blogging: 5/3 posts. (+1 from earlier weeks, ideal total 4)

...Ha. For once I'm ahead of schedule, meaning I owe one less post this week. Sweet. Gonna need to catch up on the novel, after all...

Regarding the SCP Foundation article goal, I'm gonna take oedalis' advice and skip this month if I need to catch up. I may write an article anyway if I need a temporary break from the novel to recharge. (I do have a bajillion article ideas.) We'll see.

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