Monday, March 25, 2013

Wordpress Move

I'm moving this blog to Wordpress. Blogger just doesn't have the kind of features that I sort of expect. Not that Wordpress-Free-Version is perfect either, but it seems initially to be significantly better. Been considering this & researching it for a long while, and I think it's finally time.

Especially because the major blog I read these days is John Scalzi's Wordpress-based "Whatever" and I keep envying the format, dammit.

Not quite sure if I'm going to continue to cross-post content here. I'm also not quite sure if I should move all my old posts to Blogger. Currently I'm leaning towards cross-posting new content (though that might be a little... eh), and importing just the posts from the beginning of this year.

EDIT: Okay, Wordpress has an excellent import tool. Now if I can just get the auto-tweeting functionality...

EDITx2: And that's done too. I think I'm going to take off the auto-tweet on this blog for now...


I got another comment from my new friend "sfg", which I've deleted from this post for being off-topic. But, for the curious, I am going to reply to that in a post on the Wordpress blog.

Any further off-topic comments on this blog - for instance, further troll comments to this post - will be deleted. Just an FYI.

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