Monday, March 25, 2013

Torment Post x9 Combo: The Queer Thing IV

A follow-up on the David Gaider thing from this post: 

The Torment devs deleted the 'Gayder panders to minorities!' thread from their forums entirely. Apparently they agreed that it was rather disgusting.

But not before Gaider himself responded, on the Bioware forums...

 Ha! I see I've become synonymous with BioWare, have I? Clearly I am responsible for everything BioWare decides to do. smilie

Rather telling, to be honest. I do enjoy the "excessive pandering to minorities" comment-- because giving content to anyone that isn't part of the majority is clearly bad and unworthy. Pandering to the interests of a small group of hardcore elitist homophobes, however? SO much better. 
I don't know why fans feel the burning need to imagine developers are at each other's throats. Like I said earlier, I look forward to seeing what the Numenara team comes up with. Should be very different and cool, and I imagine the developers don't need the kind of "guidance" that poll is offering to make it amazing.


All this is doing is tempting me to try to pre-order Dragon Age 3 (or get it shortly after launch) depending on available funds, which til now I'd only done with Skyrim (and that was a gift) & Torment: Numenera.

It also makes me want to get Dragon Age 1 & 2 for PS3 despite already having them for PC.

And it's making me a pretty big fan of Gaider & Bioware. I already enjoyed their stuff, even though their games do have flaws that I could go into. But all this undeserved hate JUST for allowing queer people to exist and *gasp* letting you romance them just makes me want to fanboy at them forever.

(Good thing I'm allergic to that and just tend to more harshly criticize the things I love... usually, anyway. :P)


UPDATE: Ha! I found how the thread deletion happened:
@ColinMcComb You might want to get some moderation on the Uservoice. Getting kinda reddit in there

@koshare2 Thanks for pointing this out. I'll see what we can do.

@ColinMcComb Thanks, Colin. You're honestly the first person in a long time who actually makes me a little bit proud to be a "gamer." :)

@koshare2 That was seriously just some skeevy crap. Ew.


EDIT: Looks like I attracted a troll. As their comment was not interesting enough to merit a reply, it has been deleted.  

Nota bene: If you're going to troll, be entertaining, otherwise, don't bother, because I'm just going to delete your comments.

EDITx2: My new friend is a spammer, so I'm going to temporarily disallow comments on this post. :)

One of their new comments made me laugh, though, so I'm going to quote the part that entertained me:
Deleting my comment, huh? Don't like being called for the agenda pusher that you are? Get the hell out of video games.
 They continued onward with more generic vitriol, but it wasn't entertaining enough to be quoted.


EDITx3: hahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha

I spent the entire morning lurking on the RPG Codex before posting this. Fuckin' brilliant.

I think the main thing I take issue with is being called "butthurt". I mean, I don't have any reason to be butthurt here. Everything's turned out exactly as I wanted. But ah well, you can't have everything.

I also replied to that thread. For the clue-free, I am thedeadlymoose. If my comment isn't approved out of the moderation queue, here it is (though it might not make sense out of context):
I'm not gonna lie. This is my favorite thing ever.

After months of lurking, I didn't think 'y'all finding my incredibly shitty personal blog' would be the thing to make me actually sign up an account.

I can't think of a better set of people to incoherently tear me a new asshole. <3 br="">
Also, hi, Hiver!

By the way, Hiver: yes, the fact that you're beta-testing did get me to raise my backer level. :P

If that's how it's gonna work, hopefully the fact that I will also be beta-testing will get some more of you motherfuckers to raise your tiers as well. Otherwise I might fag the entire game up with my gay mind control.