Monday, January 28, 2013

Taking On Too Much

What I've done this week so far:

* Read almost 2,000 articles for research for this motherfucking contest.
* See above.
* See above.
* See above.
* Rewrite my article for the SCP Foundation posted last week (which took an entire day).
* See first bullet point.
* See above.

I haven't worked on my novel at all, and the contest still has seven more days to go. And I'm on the line for at least three short stories.

This is going to be pretty interesting!

Also, I'm not going to make my blog post goal for this week. Obviously. I'll do four next week to make up for it. And finally reply to Jess!

Also also, here's my article for the Foundation that I posted earlier this week: SCP-1985

I'm pretty pleased with it, but I think it could use a little bit more work, and almost certainly some additional material to flesh it out in an entertaining way. (Like an interview log. Hmmm...)

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