Monday, January 21, 2013

Deadlines Approaching

Weekly deadline fast approaching for my writing goal this week, 10,500 words. I've thrown away so much that I'm actually not sure I'm going to make the goal. I'm in a buffer-free area; I've got some material later on already written, but that doesn't count til I reach that point. So I may be about to get behind. We'll see. Perhaps if I do, I should post when , even if it's not a post-mortem post.

This is also when I'm working on my monthly SCP article or articles. In this case, articles, because I'm entering a contest (more updates on that later) and it's got its own deadlines. This means I have three total articles on my docket. One actual SCP document (indirectly related to the contest), two "Foundation tales" - IE, short stories (directly related to the contest).

By end of tomorrow, Tuesday, Jan 22nd: Basic story outline materials should be finished. This is going to require approximately three hours of reading, which I need to do either today, late tonight, or tomorrow evening, because otherwise I'm busy. This is in addition to finishing my weekly novel goal. This is why I'm not sure I'll make it. We'll see.
By end of Wednesday, Jan 23rd: First draft of first story should be done.
By end of Thursday, Jan 24th: First draft of second story should be done. This is also the date entries may be submitted for the contest (for about a week, I think - I'll have to check on that too).

That's a hell of a lot of writing to do. At least I've spent Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and today doing almost nonstop writing, so I can probably keep the trend going. Gonna try, at least. Either way, all this is getting done, whether on time or not.


oedalis said...

Ohhh! You're entering a contest too? How awesome! What can I do to support my partner in art crimes?

Jake Jesson said...

Proofread things mebbe? That would be awesome :D

I need to link that contest, too... Next post, probably.