Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013 Goals: Week 1 Postmortem

Novel: 5,836/3500 words.

I built up a bit of a barrier just before the New Year on this draft, intentionally, and it's paid off. I'm still ahead of schedule, even though I spent a few days ruminating on necessary changes to another chapter. I'll try to keep writing ahead of schedule to allow myself those occasional 'thinking days'.

SCP Foundation: 0/0 articles. (+0 to make up.)

This isn't due yet! In the next two postmortem posts, I won't mention it unless there's a reason to.

Working Out: 2/4 times. (+0 to make up.)

I didn't think this one would be my first stiffed resolution, but there it is. My sleep cycle got in the way of this one, and my own desire to procrastinate. Sigh.

I now have two micro-sessions to make up by the end of the month. On that note, I've signed up for some workout classes, so hopefully after this month this resolution gets easier to keep.

Though I'm thinking of modifying it to make it so that I have to be physically active for one minute per hour. To combat the ill effects of sittin' around.

Blogging: 3/3 posts. (+0 to make up.)

Success! Even if I posted the last one at the last second. Having Jess to reply to really helped with that. Thanks, Jess. Let's keep doin' that.

Total Resolutions Kept: 3/4

Let's see if I can do better this coming week.


oedalis said...

Working Out: 2/4 times. (+0 to make up.) I think you mean +2 to make up. ;)

Jake Jesson said...

Hehe, actually I intended to make the number in the parentheses the carry-over number from last time. Since there been no 'last time' yet, I put +0. But I can see how that's confusing. Especially with the "+".