Monday, January 7, 2013

New Blog Subtitle Time

Your thoughts! Give them to me.

I like "Then Again", but I'm a bit tired of "Fairies, Sex, and Spacemen." Any suggestions for a new title?

I'm tempted to steal "Middle of May" from an old journal... but I'm not certain.

I am also happy to change "Then Again" if necessary, or just get rid of the subtitle altogether.

I may change this again in the near future, so don't be afraid to suggest silly things, so long as they're not too silly to be usable.


oedalis said...
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oedalis said...

So, funky comment system.

I was saying I saw something on Oglaf you could probably steal. It went something like "the Internet--like boot camp for accomplishing nothing" or something like that.

Jake Jesson said...

That's promising... Maybe I'll steal that. :D