Monday, November 19, 2012

Christ, I've had this blog for a little over five years. And yet I've still only posted in fits and starts. This blog is turning into one giant pool of guilt hanging around my neck like... Wow, that was a pretty fuckin' mixed metaphor right there. Maybe I should stop with that while I'm ahead.

Stuff happens, and life goes on.


oedalis said...

I think it'd be beneficial if you posted at least once a week but it does require schedule and time management discipline which you may not want to focus on developing right now.

Jake Jesson said...
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Jake Jesson said...

Oh boy. Looks like blogspot isn't dealing with comment trails very happily.

Let's try that again:

You're probably right. Though reading successful blogger & author John Scalzi makes me think that a minimum of once a day, even if it's on trivialities, is preferable. Thoughts?