Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hic Sunt Scriptores

(Original title for this journal: "Portrait of the Young Man as an Artist".)

I've noticed that every time I visit a Blogspot website (er... blog) I end up reading about something literary, or if you prefer (which I do), "writerly". The writerly types, it seems, tend to migrate here. Far be it from them to dip their feet in with the huddled masses of Xanga, or in the dismal swamp (a real place, by the way) of a LiveJournal. There be dragons, and probably teenagers.

(To be fair, I'm judging from a rather limited pool, but I've never let that stop me from making wild assumptions before.)

I do, indeed, have a LiveJournal, but that mostly serves as a method of communicating with friends. So perhaps this blog, by its very existence, will remind me to Write More, because I now have a place to bitch about how badly it's going. Or maybe it won't. Time will tell.


David Isaak said...

I think it's because Miss Snark and Grumpy Old Bookman were on Blogger...

Anyhow, welcome to Blogger, and Nobis Solum Nati Summus. (The motto of my undergraduate school. Not Alone Unto Ourselves Are We Born. Doesn't make a great deal fo sense, does it?)

Jake Jesson said...

Aha. And, thank you. :)

As for the motto, I think it does make a great deal of sense. After all, what are we, but what other people have made us?